Things I’m Not Doing In 2015

Everyone seems to be writing blog posts about things they are going to accomplish in 2015. It may be some help to establish new goals, but I think that’s a little bit cliché. Anyone who knows me knows I hate clichés. I don’t think applying tons of new things to person after one flip of a calendar makes any drastic changes at all.

I want growth in myself. I want to improve who I am, without adding things necessarily. Every day is a new opportunity. This is kind of a backwards way of doing things. But its very therapeutic while I’m smashing my Friday night pizza.

I’m digging a little bit deeper—have you will.

So, here’s a list of things I’m not doing in 2015.

  1. don’t want to overthink as much as I do sometimes. I want to focus on how to better keep my mind occupied and focused on things that matter and not things that only live in my mind.
  2. don’t want to have any anger or hate toward anyone or anything. Patience is a quality I need to seriously improve on. You got this Nita.
  3. don’t want to focus any of my energy on what’s NOT happening. I need to focus on what IS happening in the present moment because that’s what matters most. Sometimes that slips, I’m only human however.
  4. don’t want to give anyone else control over my own happiness. It is completely up to me to be happy, not anyone else. Again, you got this.
  5. don’t want to neglect my car and it’s needs, I must treat it like it’s my child. I’m sorry baby.
  6. don’t want to invest time in people that don’t respect me enough to just be honest with me. Be real with me, I get it, I can take it.   
  7. don’t want to be so hard on myself. Just chill, Anita, you’re doing good.
  8. don’t want to let my appearance affect my days. I’m way too self-conscious sometimes.
  9. don’t want to overanalyze everything I say 5 seconds after I’ve said it. Or at least I want to try harder not to.
  10. don’t want anyone to ever think that I have a picture perfect life. I want to continue to be as authentic, gritty and messy as I truly am. I’m pretty gross you guys.

I urge you to try to do this. It helps you learn about yourself. But please, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m learning. You’re learning.  We’re all just working our way to the top of whoever the heck you wanna be.


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