Follow Your Heart? Eh, I’m Gonna Have To Pass.

“The heart is more deceitful than all else, and is desperately sick; Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9

“Follow your heart” is advice I’m sure you’ve all heard, a nice little cliché.

For the unbeliever, they do not understand that our hearts are sick and deceitful because God hasn’t opened their eyes to this fact.

For the believer, though, it is a starting and maintaining point of this life lived in Christ, continually repenting of our sick hearts.


But, if we know the Word, we know that our hearts are deceitful. Our hearts can steer us in the wrong direction, they are desperately sick and in need of healing. Sin will always be present in this life. Through repentance and sanctification, we grow more like Christ, but our hearts can still deceive us, no matter how long we’ve been walking with the Lord.

Sometimes the Lord gives your options. You can follow your heart or do what He asks of you. Personally, I’m recklessly abandoning popular opinions and climbing the ladder.

Challenges may lay ahead, but with submission to the Lord, I know I will be on the right route.

Sometimes obedience is difficult. Your heart can sometimes steer you in the wrong direction. But the Lord searches and knows our hearts.

We cannot trust our hearts in all situations. We must lean on the Lord, not on our own understanding. Psalm 139:23

. . . and seek Him. The next time someone advises you to follow your heart; I urge you dear sisters, to seek Him and His Word before you do. Proverbs 3:5


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